I’m a Camp Nano participant – woohoo

In previous incarnations I’ve tried to be part of the Nanowrimo/Preptober crowd, posting tips and info that would be useful to writers and, more often than not, failing to do any actual writing. While I like the camaraderie and deadline of Nanowrimo, I don’t like the performative aspects of the writing community, especially around that time. I get it, but I don’t feel like myself if I take part in it. What the hell do I know about writing? Not much that would be helpful to anyone else – unless you’re a neurodivergent asshole hiding behind a pen name. (If that’s you, you’re my people.)

But I still want to use the power of Nano to get the juices flowing, so to speak. So, I’ll be joining Camp Nano for April, with the goal of writing a new drabble each day. I have a series of seven drabbles on this site right now, but they’re a continuous story that went out into the hall and then nowhere. I’ve toyed with the idea of taking them down, but I think I’ll leave them. I like the Drabble genre and I want to track how I evolve within it.

These 30 drabbles may have a shared world or setting, but I don’t want to connect the narrative at all, like some short story writing just chopping up his work to fit the format. I want each one to feel complete within its own 100-word capsule. That’s my goal: 30 self-contained stories. What I do with them in May will depend on me getting to April 30th.

Wish me luck.

My god, I have no idea what to do with this web site. It looks terrible. Blah.

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