We go hundred!

I removed a bunch of my Instagram posts that had AI art I created to display alongside the Drabbles I’d been writing. This was my project for April’s Camp Nanowrimo. In reading more about AI art and how it uses artists work (unknown and unpaid) as its foundational palette, I removed the posts. I explain it better here.

But I like the writing, even sold one of the Drabbles that summer and I want to continue with the work. I’m sporadic at best, but I can manage 100 words. Whether they form a coherent story or not is up to you to decide.

I think the lure of being part of one of the Nanowrimo events is strong, especially if you’re a particularly isolated writer and not part of any larger community. The pull to be part of something bigger hooked me in and I didn’t think too much past my own quotas. That’s not the type of writer I am and I shouldn’t model myself after that.

[obligatory: there is nothing wrong with that, really]

Reposting those April Drabbles (a form I haven’t grown dull of yet) and will be compiling them and others into a 100-Drabble anthology for later this spring. That’s the only goal right now. 100.

Some will be on Instagram/Facebook first. I’ve left Twitter. I’m not sure about TikTok – you can tell me if I should be there or not.

Give the void the slip! – BronMcD

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