Does anyone care about haitus?

Apparently, you can just use hiatus as the plural for hiatus and it sounds really awkward, so I’m using it.

When was the first blog post that apologized for not posting? I think about that a lot, since I tend to go on one hiatus after another and leave this blog all but abandoned. I’m not sure why. I’d like to say it won’t happen again, just as I’d like to say there are enough people reading to worry about that.

I’m not complaining, but I’m just wondering why we apologize. I guess if we get emails or messages saying “where are you?” we may feel the need. I think in this case, it’s my blog and I’m trying to use it the best way for me.

I tried just writing occasionally, then doing the whole daily (mostly posts) during “Preptober”, only to have no energy left to write during Nano 2020. So, I think being a writer/blogger/influencer/prepper is not really my style. And that’s okay.

Every writer has their own style (in life, in personality, in writing) and I think the less advice we take on that front, the happier and better writers we’ll be.

So, I’m gonna blog occasionally, but focus on writing fiction mainly. I’m posting the first of my humorous sci-fi series here: The Bore of Babylon, Book One: Nate Blackpool, Time Pilot, and it has a ridiculously long name that I absolutely love. I’m also going to try out some Drabbles and post more of my Flash Fiction. I think always searching for markets tends to take away time from actual writing. And I just really want to write.

Thanks for sticking around. Please leave comments here and there, and a link to your own writing so I can support you too!

Preptober: Not Ruined

Just a quick note to say that I broke my streak at last weekend. I didn’t write (or at least didn’t write there) for two days. That’s a big motivation killer for me. Like Mur Lafferty said in her stream (I’m paraphrasing again), “miss one day, but don’t miss the next.”

This isn’t a failure. I’m reframing it as self-care, though that’s not quite right. There are disruptive forces in life and sometimes they come very close. Sometimes they’re on a collision course. No matter what you do, you just gotta stay in orbit.

Metaphors, how do they work?