Five minutes of terror

I have been revising my Nate Blackpool book into serial format. I tend to write short scenes with end hooks to (hopefully) keep the reader moving along, so breaking The Bore of Babylon into serialized sections doesn’t require too much work. I’m thinking about how readers may want to interact with Amazon Vella (if it releases when?) and I want to make it as easy as possible for them to keep reading my story.

Today, as I was working on the transition between two important scenes (“What the Onion isn’t” and “What the Onion is”) I noticed that a good chunk of exposition was missing. In fact, the few paragraphs that set up the entire joke.

This is the start of my terror. Rummaging around my Scrivener files, trying to see if I accidentally placed those paragraphs in a separate doc and trashed it (why? who knows?!?!) then I finally took a step back and said, “what advice would I offer someone in a similar panic?”

“Just do a search for a word you know is in the section.”

Brilliant! I found it instantly and realized that the paragraphs weren’t missing, I just failed to scroll to the top of the document.

Wow. Thank god no one was around to see my embarrassment and I can take this boneheaded mistake to my grave.