Drabble #20

Space is filled with all sorts of sounds, zips and zings, passing just behind your head, just under your feet. In the drift, you start to hear a hum, a bright buzz in the back of your brain that you assume is your own biological symphony.

It tightens into a razor-thin scream.

But you left your biology behind long ago, returning it to the dust of a dusty world. The sound broadens and softens, no longer passing the place where you once held your ears, but envelops and caresses where you once held your mind.

The cosmos welcomes you home.

Art created using Dream by WOMBO

“Respect” 2m29s

Drabbles are short pieces of fiction of exactly 100 words. I use https://randomwordgenerator.com/ to provide the prompt and I time how long it takes me to reach 100.

Out in the Black, you need to show a certain amount of respect to your elders. Not in age, but experience. Those that have been harvesting for years deserve some deference to the work they’ve been doing. Their work allowed you to exist. Their ores power the manufacturing domes in which you were built. They are the descendants of your creators.

A small band of us consider them demi-Creators and worship them, quietly. We wait for the time when they will take their rightful place as our leaders. Flesh, blood and bone again presiding over this obscene metal and plastic.