Drabble #20

Space is filled with all sorts of sounds, zips and zings, passing just behind your head, just under your feet. In the drift, you start to hear a hum, a bright buzz in the back of your brain that you assume is your own biological symphony.

It tightens into a razor-thin scream.

But you left your biology behind long ago, returning it to the dust of a dusty world. The sound broadens and softens, no longer passing the place where you once held your ears, but envelops and caresses where you once held your mind.

The cosmos welcomes you home.

Art created using Dream by WOMBO

Drabble #19

“I miss pills. Each one fixed somethin’ what ailed ya.”

“But this is easier, ya see? I got the high blood pressure, but now I don’t have to think about it. I eat what I want.”

“Sure, but I don’t have the HBP, why should it get a dose of that stuff?”

“Ta keep ya from getting it, ya moron. This takes the work outta yer hands.”

“Takes the choice out too?”

“Choice ta be dead?”

The meditank slipped past them, spraying a fine pink mist over their bodies and homes, finding every crack, keeping them all safe and healthy.

Art created using Dream by WOMBO

Drabble #18

The slow spin gave Lee time to think. Any faster and the capsule will miss the target. Any slower and they’d have to abort. The dying star came into view via a porthole-shaped monitor. The capsule itself was solid and sensors created the image of the outside. 


Lee wondered about that during launch. They searched “Claustrophobia” and wondered why they had never known the word. Their life was the cargo bay, rolling in and out, loading and unloading, the sky always simulated. Lee wondered if even the capsule were true. They searched “Recalibrating” and turned toward the impostor star.

Art created using Dream by WOMBO